Protected Lands

The Dudley community has a long history of conserving lands for agriculture, landscape preservation, recreation and wildlife. In total, 2,603 acres (or almost four square miles) enjoy permanent conservation status. This figure represents 19% of the 21 square miles within the Town of Dudley.

Presently, 1,551 acres of Dudley farm land have Agricultural Preservation Restrictions (APR) that designate that the land remain available for farming. While these properties are not open to the public, they ensure that farming remains forever part of the fabric of Dudley. The other 1,052 acres of land are protected by a number of conservation entities including the Massachusetts Audubon Society (MAS); the Dudley Conservation Commission (DCC); the Massachusetts Department of Wildlife (DFW) and the Dudley Conservation Land Trust (DCLT). These lands are either owned outright or have conservation restrictions that ensure that the lands are forever protected as open space, and are available as habitat for wildlife and plant communities. Many of these lands are also open to the public with varying degrees of access.

Map of the Conservation Lands of Dudley

The DCLT owns and stewards 8 sanctuaries in Dudley and 1 in Oxford totaling almost 350 acres! Each property has its own web page. All of these properties are open to the public. Learn more about DCLT Sanctuary Rules & Guidelines.

Morse Land

Our first property, the Morse land is 4.7 acres of forest located off West Main Street in Dudley.
Vist the Morse Land Webpage.

Keekamoochaug Wildlife Sanctuary

Keekamoochaug Wildlife Sanctuary is 6.7 acres and accessible from Healy Road in Dudley.
Visit the Keekamoochaug Wildlife Sanctuary Webpage.

Bateman Property

Bateman Property is 1.7 acres at the corner of West Main Street and Fabyan Road in Dudley.
Visit the Bateman Property Webpage.

Tufts Branch Wildlife Sanctuary

The Tufts Branch Wildlife Sanctuary is an 87.3 acre sanctuary with a well-defined trail system. It is very popular with families and offers off-street parking on Healy Road in Dudley.
Visit the Tufts Branch Wildlife Sanctuary Webpage.

Leovich Landing

Leovich Landing is 4.1 acres at 52 Dudley Road in Oxford where the road crosses the French River. The property is improved with a paddling launch site on the French River and a gravel parking area.
Visit the Leovich Landing Webpage.

Hiland Park/Slater Woods

Hiland Park/Slater Woods is a 143 acre parcel of forested land off of Dudley-Oxford Road in Dudley. It adjoins Mass Audubon land and is within a much larger 1,000+ acre Heritage Landscape. Trail system in place to Peter Pond.
Visit Hiland Park/Slater Woods Webpage.

Keith Land

Keith Land is 14.9 acres of forested wetlands located on Northwest Schoolhouse Road in Dudley.
Visit the Keith Land Webpage.

Wieloch Woods

Our newest sanctuary, Wieloch Woods are 87 acres located on West Main Street in Dudley. The property abuts the historic Grand Trunk railway and offers walking trails, pine forests and wetland habitats.
Visit the Wieloch Woods Webpage.

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